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The toilet is one of the most frequently used sanitary tools in our daily life, basically in every bathroom will be equipped with a toilet, with the continuous improvement of our income level and consumption level, smart toilet gradually entered people’s lives, smart toilet compared to the traditional toilet, with a stronger sense of science and technology and intelligence. It can automatically complete some functions that previously required manual operation, such as the flushing function. Let’s understand how many benefits of smart toilets there are!

Is it really better than a regular toilet?

The answer is yes, compared with the general toilet, the smart toilet will be more comfortable in use, especially for the elderly and women, it will be more convenient to use, so when decorating, if there are conditions, you can consider installing.

What are the benefits of smart toilets?

1. Water washing is more hygienic

The most unified function of the smart toilet is to clean the buttocks and clean the lower body, which is also the biggest difference between the smart toilet and the traditional toilet. The nozzle of the general intelligent toilet has a self-cleaning function, and can properly adjust and control the water temperature and seat temperature, which can make people more comfortable to use.

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2, warm seat ring is not cold

In the cold season, the cold touch of the toilet seat is chilling, and the seat of the smart toilet seat can automatically heat up to the right temperature for the human body. Many brands have also launched a temperature control seat, with different temperature brackets, according to personal preferences, geographical or weather and other factors to adjust, no longer afraid of the cold feeling when going to the toilet.

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3, a variety of intelligent functions compared with ordinary high-grade toilets, this automatic intelligent toilet naturally has many intelligent functions: such as hip cleaning, warm water regulation, automatic drying, silent seating, automatic deodorization and so on. The most amazing thing is that in addition to these functions can be achieved through the button panel, there is also a special remote control device, and consumers can easily achieve all functions when using the remote control as long as they hold the hand and click it. It is understood that in addition to the above various functions, some brands of smart toilets can also be low-light lighting, at night when going to the bathroom, you can avoid the complexity of turning on the light, and the convenience at night will not affect the rest of the family and is very energy-saving.

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Through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of how many benefits smart toilets have. Smart toilet is a new invention of the toilet, not only very convenient to use, and the service life is also very long, more energy saving and environmental protection, with many advantages.

Post time: Jan-17-2024