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Market Size of China’s Smart Toilet Industry

Heating, washing with warm water, and drying with warm air, sitting on such a toilet is no longer just for going to the toilet, but also “enjoyment”. Such smart toilets are the most popular among Chinese people. Smart toilets have both medical and environmental attributes. At present, the development of domestic limited channels and technologies has huge market potential.
Taizhou smart toilet is famous all over the country. It started when Xingxing Group invested in Benjiebao, a well-known local enterprise in Taizhou, and established my country’s first production line in Taizhou. In 1995, Weiwei Group in Taizhou successfully developed the first smart toilet seat cover in China. In 2003, Xingxing Group, another enterprise in Taizhou, developed the first one-piece smart toilet in China. By 2015, Wu Xiaobo’s article “Go to Japan to Buy a Toilet Cover” made the popularity of domestic smart toilets popular, and more consumers began to know about domestic smart toilets. So far, Taizhou has become one of the most concentrated production areas of smart toilets in China. 60% of the smart toilets in the country are produced in Taizhou.

As the birthplace of my country’s first smart toilet cover, Taizhou has gradually become a smart toilet industry cluster in my country with the earliest start, the largest output, the largest number of enterprises and the most complete supporting facilities. In recent years, Taizhou toilets have been constantly adapting to market changes, accelerating the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, and developing towards the direction of high-quality products and internationalization of brands. The data shows that in 2017, the pass rate of Taizhou smart toilet national pumping was 83.3%, an increase of 70.8% over 2015; the annual output value was 6 billion yuan, an increase of 200% over 2015, and 25 key technologies approached or reached the international advanced level, with remarkable results.
From the public information, Taizhou’s smart toilet industry has been continuously recognized by the government and the industry, and successively won the “China Smart Toilet Industry Quality Improvement Demonstration Zone”, “China Smart Toilet Industry Demonstration Base”, “National Smart Toilet Quality Supervision and Inspection Center”, etc. The title further boosted its popularity. Taizhou toilets have also received strong support from the government. In 2018, Taizhou was approved to build a demonstration zone for the creation of well-known brands in the national smart toilet industry. The Taizhou government has included the smart toilet industry in the “13th Five-Year Plan” development plan and one of the leading industries of 100 billion level that Taizhou has focused on fostering. A national testing center for smart toilets will be built for the town.

Post time: May-24-2022