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18 years, we only focus on intelligent toilet manufacturing!

200A series Commercial Smart toilet accessories, simple and atmospheric

The spout adopts the water-air mixing technology. the sprayed water contains a certain proportion of gas, which makes the sprayed water more powerful and soft. It makes each user experience better.

The single-hole design lengthens the safe distance between the cleaning part and the print head, effectively avoiding the chance of cleaning dirt dripping on the print head, preventing secondary pollution of the print head, making cleaning more hygienic

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Put your foot close to the toilet, and you can realize the automatic flip, and automatic flush of the toilet.

With multiple filtering functions, it can clear a variety of impurities.

360°turbine self-cleaning design. Do not leave any dirt.The flow of water pushes the red wheels, cleaning the stainless steel surface without any dirt on it.

Adjustable seat and warm air temperature.

it’s easy for children and old people to operate .

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Product parameters

The product model:GS-Y2A-A-300 The heating method:instant heating
water temperature :normal/35/37/40℃ material:ABS+flame retardant material
Seat temperature:normal/34/36/40℃ rated power:1300W
water pressure:0.1-0.6MPa power cable:145cm
Rated voltage:AC220V/50Hz size:670*400*490mm

Celex 200 series 10

the whole production process

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Celex 200 series 12

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