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600 series Commercial Toilet Seat Covers, U-shaped and V-shaped, Ergonomics

Celex 600 smart toilet lid includes two types: U-shaped and V-shaped.

The mutiple cleaning modes help you to have better toilet experience.

There are four functions of the nozzle, including hip wash, female cleaning, mobile cleaning and self-cleaning.

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You can adjust the seat temperature in four different modes.

You can adjust the warm air temperature in four different modes .

Solve the problem of defecation dysfunction in the elderly. Intimately designed cleaning mode for ladies, no longer disturbed by prenatal and postnatal problems. One-click cleaning, automatic cleaning, simple operation, suitable for children. Stay away from hemorrhoids, use before and after defecation.

Ergonomics is a very important criterion in interior design, equivalent to a "ruler". From the perspective of interior design, the purpose of using ergonomics is to start from the physiological and psychological aspects of human beings, so that the factors of the indoor environment can fully meet the needs of people's life activities, so as to improve the indoor use function and obtain more ideal living environment. Minimize human fatigue and improve human activity efficiency to the greatest extent. This is the significance of the study of ergonomics in architectural decoration design.

The porcelain body is calcined at high temperature, and the water absorption rate is low. The surface layer is glazed in multiple layers, which is smooth and not easy to be stained.


The functions of multi-layer filtering

The multi-layer filtration can remove large particles in the water, such as viruses, bacteria, etc., while retaining some of the essential mineral elements for the human body. The water filtered by the multi-layer filter has the following functions:

1. Activating cells and enhancing immunity;

2. Strong penetration, improve metabolic function;

3. The oxygen content is extremely high, and it has antibacterial function;

4. It is close to human cell water and has health care function;

5. It has an effect on the skin, and you will find a very obvious effect after sticking to it for a period of time.


The size of the smart toilet.


Production process

Celex 200 series 11

After-sales service

1.Two-year warranty.

2.After-sales accessories are provided free of charge within two years.

3.Provide online technical service support for life.

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