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800series Commercial Wall Mount intelligent Toilet Small footprint

Compared with the floor-mounted toilet, the wall-mounted toilet without sanitary corners is easy to clean, making it easier for us to clean.

The layout of the toilet is not limited at all, and you can place it as you like, so as to create a better living space.

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Small footprint. The wall-mounted toilet is especially suitable for small-sized homes. Its small footprint can create a larger space for family activities, and also make the entire bathroom area more open, giving us a more comfortable visual enjoyment.

The wall-mounted toilet is blocked by the wall because it is inserted into the wall, and the noise during flushing is naturally weakened.

It is a horizonal setting type, using booster jet, the flushing effect is particularly good. the main features:warm air drying;self-dignosis;automatic flushing;continuous warm water; seat heating;electric leakage protection; reciprocating cleaning;self-cleaning nozzle; night lighting;seat descends slowly; a portable remote control; control by knob; bluetooth connection;automatic flip; water vapor mixed female wash; water vapor mixed hip cleaningthe seat ring is welded togrther.

The spout adopts the water-air mixing technology. the sprayed water contains a certain proportion of gas, which makes the sprayed water more powerful and soft. It makes each user experience better.

The single-hole design lengthens the safe distance between the cleaning part and the print head, effectively avoiding the chance of cleaning dirt dripping on the print head, preventing secondary pollution of the print head, making cleaning more hygienic.

There are three flip modes,including automatic flip,manual flip and high-configuration flip.

Four-speed warm air quickly dries moisture.

The self-cleaning saliva wheel uses super wear-resistant material to scrape and clean the stainless steel surface at a high speed of 360 degrees, so as to achieve life-long maintenance-free spray bar, effectively avoid bacterial cross-infection, and protect your health and safety throughout your life!

The traditional seat has a gap while our Celex 500 series uses a seamless seat,which makes its cleaning more convenient and thorough.



product model:DH-G7 product color:lead gray
heating method:instant heating installation method:wall mounted
drainage way:horizontal drainage height of hob:1120mm
drain pipe:PVC   size 90/110 product size:590*405*385

Production process

Celex 200 series 11

After-sales service

1.Two-year warranty.

2.After-sales accessories are provided free of charge within two years.

3.Provide online technical service support for life.

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