"Quality creates brand, innovation creates future!"

18 years, we only focus on intelligent toilet manufacturing!

200E series Smart Toilet automatic flip-over multiple filtering white

Quality creates brand, innovation creates future!

Dual mode switching, automatic flip.

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The toilet automatically flips when you approach. The toilet flushes automatically when you leave.


I feel that your toilets have no bright spot?
Our products have many potents and have stable quality,they are durable,cost-effective and have low repair rate.Our brand has built a good reputation in existing clients.


Seamless process design makes cleaning easier!

The traditional seat has a gap while our Celex 500 series uses a seamless seat,which makes its cleaning more convenient and thorough.


Tankless oxygen-enriched cleaning

The spout adopts the water-air mixing technology. the sprayed water contains a certain proportion of gas, which makes the sprayed water more powerful and soft.

It makes each user experience better.

The single-hole design lengthens the safe distance between the cleaning part and the print head, effectively avoiding the chance of cleaning dirt dripping on the print head, preventing secondary pollution of the print head, making cleaning more hygienic.


The new innovation of the industry.
Single-hole water outlet: promote defecation before high-pressure water discharge

Double-hole water outlet: powerful cleaning after defecation
Three-hole water outlet: Gentle water, caring for women's private care


Waterproof ipx4

No need to dry and wet separation, water splashing can still be normal.

We want to post our own brand, how to do it?

The quantity of oem should be more than 500pcs at a time, the payment should be paid in one time, and the packaging design can be designed by you or us. OEM after-sales and our company implement the same policy.


The porcelain body is calcined at high temperature, and the water absorption rate is low.

The surface layer is glazed in multiple layers, which is smooth and not easy to be stained.

360°turbine self-cleaning design Do not leave any dirt.

The flow of water pushes the red wheels, cleaning the stainless steel surface without leaving any dirt on it.


the water spray process


High-definition display interface, real-time function status is clear at a glance. The cover plate is used to cushion the safety pad, and the protection function is better.


A variety of functions can be changed

via the rotary button:flush, wash, dry, stop.

Press and hold the knob to turn off


There are two modes of the rotary button, including green mode and blue mode.

Green Mode:Butt Wash

Blue Mode:Feminine Cleaning

Product parameters

The product model:GS-Y2K-A-300 The heating method:instant heating
water temperature :normal/35/37/40℃ material:ABS+flame retardant material
Seat temperature:normal/34/36/40℃ rated power:1300W
water pressure:0.1-0.6MPa power cable:145cm
Rated voltage:AC220V/50Hz size:670*390*495mm

Production process

Celex 200 series 11

After-sales service

1. Two-year warranty.

2.After-sales accessories are provided free of charge within two years.

3.Provide online technical service support for life. If you have any questions on the merchants,products or services, please contact us at us,we will help you solve the problems in time.


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